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Online high school maths and science practice

Mathematics 8-12
Physical Sciences 10-12

We know they've got big plans for life

Getting the marks your child wants for maths and science is part of making those plans a reality. The hardest part is knowing where to start - so we're here to help.

Practice makes perfect

We all know that learning a musical instrument or playing a sport well takes time and a lot of practice - well, maths and science are exactly the same. Whether on their own or with a tutor, regularly practising maths and science questions will help them improve their mastery.

Siyavula Practice

Siyavula Practice has been developed by real scientists, educational experts, and teachers to help your child practise smarter, not harder. Here are 6 reasons why you should add Siyavula Practice to your child's learning:


Diverse, automatically-marked questions

Meaningful, effective practice in maths and science is more than just answering multiple choice questions. Our diverse range of questions can handle and mark more complex responses, like fractions, formulas, set notation, chemical equations, spectroscopic notation and more. Automatic marking means learners get immediate, contextual feedback.


Fully-worked solutions

The solutions contain a detailed explanation for each step involved in solving the problem, to help your child identify where and how they might have gone wrong and allow them to try again. We take particular care to highlight typical pitfalls and misconceptions.


Unlimited questions

Each question is built around one or more central concept. However, its components, including images, quantities, and scenarios, vary with each attempt of the question. This is no ordinary question bank! This variation allows for constructive practice, revision, and spaced repetition over time.


Adaptive intelligence

Our adaptive technology determines and adjusts the practice experience so that they get a mix of questions that is just right for their individual needs. The more they improve, the more difficult the questions become, maintaining an optimal cognitive load. They stay motivated to succeed, no matter their starting point.


Learner dashboard

Engage, monitor, motivate and reflect! You and your child can easily track their effort, progress, and mastery for each topic in the curriculum. Use the dashboard to help set goals and decide which topics to practise and revise, where it is most needed.


Anywhere, on any device

Your child can take Siyavula Practice with them wherever they go. All they need is internet access through a computer, tablet or phone. Is your child on the Vodacom or MTN network? The data they use won't cost you a cent.

Tried and tested? You bet.

High school students at more than 400 schools all over South Africa - including the elite - already practise on Siyavula.com. Between them they've done over 10 million maths and science exercises online and are loving the results.

Sounds good. Must be expensive, right? Not at all.

You can get access to this world-class learning aid for R1 per subject, per day. This is less than a single extra lesson per month. Why so reasonable? Siyavula wants to put great education within everybody's reach.

World-class learning awaits!

Get access to this world-class learning aid for R1 per subject, per day.

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